Spiritual composition











Ramen Lover




From the frozen headwaters of the Uinta Mountains to the Pacific coastline, water has been the ultimate healer in my life. The river calms my nerves, the ocean awakens my soul and the journey between them is a natural migration, which I look forward to every Spring.
Water wins.


The birds are calling me outside.
The flakes are calling me outside.
Outside is calling me outside.
For that is where my heart belongs.


Pictured here is the introduction of Johnny and Shai, two of the most uniquely Soulful humans I’ve ever met. Watching them get to know each other was an unforgettable experience. Laughter followed by songwriting, followed by more laughter. All the while my patient wife made us an incredible meal.
The room is still vibrating.


This was my first chairlift ride in Vail, Colorado 1983. My Dad put my brother and I on skis when we were 3 years old. The best part is not even remembering learning something that becomes a focal point in your life. I remember learning to ride a bike and play guitar, but I have no recollection of learning how to ski. For that, I thank my Dad.


I’m convinced surfing is the best sport in the world…period! Playing with nature’s rawest form of energy and using that energy to propel you forward into a moment in time is a complete trip. Every surfer has a story about “the one” that got them hooked. That one wave for me was at C-Street in Ventura, CA. I had a steep learning curve and was paying my dues. For whatever reason the ocean decided to send me an angel in the form of a set wave. It carried me for what seemed like an eternity. Focus narrowed, senses heightened and time slowed down. That feeling is forever etched into my psyche.


Hokkaido Japan is home to some of the best snowfall on Earth. It’s also where Ramen is life. It breathes warmth and nourishment into the cold winter. After a long day of ski touring, when your bones are cold and your stomach is empty, there is nothing more satisfying than the first slurp followed by a cold beer. Choosing the right Ramen shop rivals the importance of which zone to ski that day. With the combination of Ramen and low angle powder fields, obsession is an understatement.